5 Excel Add Ins To Use

 The wonderful thing about Excel is that it is extremely user-friendly. With the exception of functions, you can even try out add-ins with your excel software! Here are 5 types of add-ins you can combine with your Excel software to make your user experience even more convenient!

1. Integration

When it comes to integration, there are a vast assortment of apps for that. For example: There are apps like Microsoft Excel Viewer, that enables the user to access and view files without having to install Excel into their computer. Or convert your Excel workbook file to PDF using apps like Cogniview PDF Converter, which helps convert but retains your hyperlinks. These makes your life so much easier. But integration apps can sometimes require monthly payments or one time payment. You can try out free trials to test them out and see.

2. Productivity

Productivity tools are ideal to add into your excel file as well. They are designed to help save time and increase your capacity to get more things done. Some examples of productivity tools are the Add In Manager for add in management, RDBMail which allows you to email from Excel, Analysis Toolpak for analysing of data and more! You can even save time by downloading free templates that are designed for specific functions.

3. Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, there are also add ins that can be combined with your Excel workbook. For example, add ins like Adwords API, Mozscape API or link categorization designed to help with your SEO. This way, you can keep track of things and make better changes based on the information you can get.

4. Presentation

For presentations, visuals are of utmost importance. Graphical elements like Heat map, or charts and diagram creating with Lucid Charts are a fun way to incorporate that in. There are also aesthetically pleasing add ins like Bubbles display and Radical Bar Chart add in, to jazz up your Excel file. You can even track your progress with gauge display. This is a good way to engage your partners and help them pay attention to important factors.

5. Business

Excel can be used for business as well, apart from project management. Add ins like Capital Budgeting and Mavenlink helps with long term project budget planning, or even model creation through Excel Model Creator, which can help you make models for business solutions. These can be useful if you require in depth functions like these.

One of the reasons why Excel is so popular even after all these years is due to the fact that you can easily customise it to your own preference. For a beginner, it is a software you definitely have to try. It will stay with you even when you enter into the business industry and do you the world of good.